33 million people affected by Flood. Pakistan faces one of the worst disaster of a decade.

In Pakistan, fatal flooding has harmed at least 33 million people, according to the nation’s climate change minister on Thursday.

The adjacent province of Balochistan, which is largely cut off from electricity, gas, and the internet, has called for 100,000 tents while the southern state of Sindh, which has been severely affected by the flooding, has asked for 1 million tents.

Separately, Ahsan Iqbal, the minister for planning and development, told Reuters that 30 million people have been impacted, which equates to around 15% of the population of the South Asian nation.

Another of the hardest-hit regions has been the neighbouring province of Balochistan, where Quetta’s access to electricity, gas, and the internet has been severely restricted.

*image does not represent the actual scenario.

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