For the first time, Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force officers discover “rainbow” fentanyl.

The “rainbow” fentanyl pills discovered in Mankato last week were the first ever detected and impounded in Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Agents from the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force recovered three M30 tablets on September 16. Agents tested the tablets in the field and discovered that they contained fentanyl. … Read more

Puerto Rico is overwhelmed by Hurricane Fiona’s flooding and mudslides.

On Monday, Hurricane Fiona tore across Puerto Rico with pounding rain and gusts that caused mudslides, “catastrophic” floods, and an island-wide power loss. Residents in San Juan were advised to leave for higher ground “immediately” by the local National Weather Service. According to Richard Pasch, a specialist at the National Hurricane Center, “heavy rainfall and … Read more

Help on the way, while Capital of Mississippi goes without water for a fourth day.

In order to provide bottled water to residents who have been without safe tap water since the city’s long-struggling treatment plant failed four days ago, seven new distribution stations opened in the state capital of Mississippi on Thursday. Jackson residents were still waiting in line for bottled water at distribution points and grocery stores, but … Read more

Ship chief engineer was given a prison sentence for dumping oily waste in American waters.

A foreign flagged ship’s chief engineer, Kirill Kompaniets, received a prison sentence for will-fully dumping 10,000 gallons of bilge water polluted with oil overboard in American seas off the coast of New Orleans last year. A crew member first alerted the Coast Guard about the illegal activity on social media. Kompaniets was given a sentence … Read more

33 million people affected by Flood. Pakistan faces one of the worst disaster of a decade.

In Pakistan, fatal flooding has harmed at least 33 million people, according to the nation’s climate change minister on Thursday. The adjacent province of Balochistan, which is largely cut off from electricity, gas, and the internet, has called for 100,000 tents while the southern state of Sindh, which has been severely affected by the flooding, … Read more