Celebrity page post spam is flooding everybody’s Facebook feed cause of a strange bug!

Facebook acknowledged on Wednesday that some users are seeing strange messages in their news feeds and promised that it is trying to fix the problem. For more than three hours, several individuals from all over the world have been venting about seeing odd celebrity(Lady Gaga, Nirvana, Eminem, The Beatles, The Weekend) page messages and activity tickers from strangers on celebrities’ sites on their timelines.

The bug has been quickly exploited by users, who are now sending memes to famous people they know will be widely spread.

By spamming PayPal contribution links or cryptocurrency ventures, some users are taking advantage of the situation.

Although there is no proof that the problem is related to a breach, #FacebookHacked was among the top trending hashtags on Twitter early on Wednesday. After Facebook made modifications to its algorithm, there could be a bug.

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