Help on the way, while Capital of Mississippi goes without water for a fourth day.

In order to provide bottled water to residents who have been without safe tap water since the city’s long-struggling treatment plant failed four days ago, seven new distribution stations opened in the state capital of Mississippi on Thursday.

Jackson residents were still waiting in line for bottled water at distribution points and grocery stores, but the city said that “substantial progress” had been made in restoring the O.B. Curtis Water Plant overnight. On Monday night, the plant went offline due to complications brought on by recent flooding. The city issued a statement saying, “There are some challenges remaining to navigate over the next few days, but the outlook for today is currently continued progress,” It said that in some regions, the low water pressure had reappeared.

Tate Reeves, the governor of Mississippi, announced that 600 men of the National Guard will be stationed at new water distribution points throughout the city and its 180,000 impacted neighbors.
“To everyone in the city, I know that you are dealing with a profoundly unfair situation. It’s frustrating. It’s wrong. It needs to be fixed,”During a press conference, Reeves remarked.

Jackson is now shaken by the crisis. While many shops and eateries have closed, Jackson State University and the public education system have been forced to switch to online learning.
Late on Tuesday, the Government Emergency Management Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency were dispatched to Jackson to provide aid, and the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden approved an emergency declaration to release federal funding.

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