Magnus Carlsen, the reigning world chess champion, leaves the game after only one move.

Magnus Carlsen, the reigning world chess champion, shockingly withdrew from a game against Hans Niemann, a 19-year-old American, on Monday after only one move. The occurrence opened a new chapter in the chess community’s and beyond’s obsession with claims that Niemann cheated in a recent triumph over the Norwegian grandmaster.

Carlsen’s webcam abruptly shut down while he was on the clock for his second move during the two’s online game Monday in the Julius Baer Generation Cup using the Chess24 platform through Microsoft Teams.

The unexpected resignation just a few weeks prior, Carlsen withdrew for the first time in his career from the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis after suffering a shocking third-round loss to 19-year-old Niemann. Niemann, the 10th player in the competition with the lowest ranking, defeated Carlsen for the first time in more than two years. After losing to Niemann, a lower-ranked 19-year-old, Carlsen, who won his fourth World Chess Championship title in April, withdrew from the competition without giving any explanation.

But Carlsen’s addition of a video clip of legendary soccer manager José Mourinho declaring in 2021: “I prefer really not to speak. If I speak, I am in big trouble.” to his tweet drove the chess community into a frenzy.